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Business oats: White gold if you know how
Market demand increases, more and more investors to participate in business oats. But success is not smiling at all.

 The attractive advertisements from oat products are attracting the attention of everyone from consumers to investors and business. Also on the market, from 5-7 providers oats in 2004-2007, and now has about 100 units with hundreds of stores across the country. According to research data management company VinaCapital Investment Fund, the level of consumption in Vietnam is growing oats. Currently, users of less than 2% oats and oat bottle about 6% of the total population.Large jump in the FundSeeing the growth potential, Vina has decided to pour capital into this sector. Yen Vietnamese VinaCapital selection, evaluation units of the fund which is a suitable scale to invest, and have a good background on the brand.From contact, start value appraisal, audit until officially announced investment, and Yen Vietnamese VinaCapital just over a month (May 4-6.2011). VinaCapital has disbursed $ 7.5 million the total amount (about 150 billion) immediately after formal cooperation. Both sides cherish ambitions for 2015, to reach sales of 1,000 billion VND (20-25% rate of return).Before investing in months 6.2011 VinaCapital, Vietnam's total revenue of approximately Yen 300 billion / year growth rate of about 25% / year, plant oats worth $ 4 million, the system 30 stores and 18 the national oat breeding.According to research done Yen Vietnamese major, oats market is now mainly belong to big companies. Company's own share Salanganes'Nest Khanh Hoa has accounted for 60% of the market, Yen Vietnamese 30%, 10% belonged to other brands, which are mainly for household business (acquisition and nest material sell canned).Due to weather conditions, the world's only some Asian countries are producing bird nest. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, the total supply of the world's bird nest every year at about 6-7 billion dollars (120,000 to 140,000 billion). This item is still in demand exceed supply situation. Supply current global nest is about 175 tons / year, which only meets about 40% of demand (400 tons / year). With annual growth of 7.2% and forecast to 2020, the total value of world oat industry will reach over $ 10 billion.Difficult for new playersThe potential is wide open, market demand is also growing, the growing number of investors involved in this field there is nothing difficult to understand. Mr. Le Danh Hoang, Director of Commercial Services Chan Hung, the owner Hoang Yen brand bird's nests, said recently, many shop selling bird nest is opened but no less store closed and the losers are mostly newcomers to this field.Mr. Huang said, opening a shop selling oats is not difficult if the company has abundant financial resources. However, head back to the store with what the market is not easy. In 2011, Hoang Yen has closed two stores because rents are too high while the number of dead capital oat products must always be displayed on the shelf is not small. 1 kg of oats cost ranges between 40-60 million VND, a multibillion-dollar stores are also hungry for product display.Meanwhile, the investment for a home not a small nest, ranging from 1.2 to 3 billion. Success rate is 50-50. There was a nest built on the nest, but we also have much to base next year or never have to swallow. The oat breeding requires technical experience and luck. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, most of the oat breeding investment to come from many different business domains and do not have much experience.Besides, according to Vo Thai Lam, General Manager Yen Vietnamese joint stock company, brands and new stores will be hard to attract more customers because the oats are high-value goods, consumers are afraid to buy right one should swallow often choose famous brand.Even with the brand was initially built its reputation on the market, the consumer to pull yourself is not that simple. By Mr. Hoang, Hoang Yen, oat products business will be divided according to areas explicitly, ie local custom that each product will have a nest of different brands.Currently, in addition to system expansion, the company is also promoting active nest communications, creating a variety of products (food supplements, cosmetics ...) serves the domestic market, while the direction exports.

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  • Business oats: White gold if you know how
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  • Market demand increases, more and more investors to participate in business oats. But success is not smiling at all.
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